French Immersion

The Calgary Catholic School District believes in the importance of providing students with expanded opportunities to learn a second language.

We believe that language learning is an important part of a student’s education. Learning a second language greatly contributes to a student’s educational experiences, personal growth and development of higher level thinking skills.

French Immersion is a form of bilingual education. The Early French Immersion program enables students to develop functional fluency in French while ensuring they receive the advantages of an all-English program. Students are taught the curriculum mandated by Alberta Education using French as the medium for instruction. Students also have opportunities to participate in cultural events and extracurricular activities that enhance their understanding of the French language.

Students typically enter the Early French Immersion program at the kindergarten or Grade 1 level. No background in French is necessary to enter the program.

The French Immersion program at Our Lady Queen of Peace is offered for students interested in learning another language. This is the ONLY French Immersion Catholic program in the city of Airdrie. We offer classes for students in kindergarten to grade 7.

Click here for French Immersion Handbook for Parents

Parents of Good Shepherd St. Veronica

Our Lady Queen of Peace School provides the ONLY French Immersion Catholic program in Airdrie. Kindergarten and grade 1 students of Good Shepherd School can enroll in the program for the fall of each year. Busing from any quadrant of Airdrie will be provided to OLQP if the family qualifies (one way for kindergarten, two-way for grade one to seven students). If you are interested in learning about the OLQP French Immersion program, please give us a call at 403-500-2064.

Extended French in High School

Our Lady Queen of Peace offers a French Immersion Program from kindergarten to grade 7 . Students who complete the French Immersion program at OLQP will continue their grade 8- 12 program at St. Martin High School.